Holley Holtey was a cheerleader and had a crush on Les. She is the future daughter-in-law of Max and Mrs. Awesome, the future stepsister-in-law of Thera and Noam, the future stepdaughter-in-law of Angelina, Mr. Kerplopolis, Mr. & Mrs. Plinsky, the future cousin-in-law of Tyler & Derek, & the future step-granddaughter-in-law of Nana & Pops Plinsky. Her best friends were Trisha. She was

born on the same day as Les, April 1st, 1997.

Appearance Edit

Holley Ann Holtey (New Look)

Holley's new look.

Holley Holtey has red hair and light green eyes. She wears a striped shirt, teal skirt, and a pair of shorts underneath along with sneakers. She is sometimes seen with her ears pierced.

Personality Edit

Holley is an attractive and kind girl who sometimes hangs out with the Trishas. When Lars joined the cheer team, Holley was open to his membership and had a scolding look when the Trishas made fun of him. She is often the one supporting the Trishas when cheering.

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