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File:Les' Hands.jpgFile:Les' New Bike.jpgFile:Les,Thera, and Twitchy.jpg
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File:Les Gets Hurt.pngFile:Les Gets Hurt 2.jpgFile:Les Gets Lazered.png
File:Les Gets Touched by Hand.jpgFile:Les Getting a Cold.jpgFile:Les Hanging.png
File:Les Head.pngFile:Les Hearing on Phone.jpgFile:Les Listening to Personal Sound Track.jpg
File:Les Looking at Clock.jpgFile:Les Looking at Detention Teacher.pngFile:Les Looking at Globe.jpg
File:Les Looking at His Watch.jpgFile:Les Mad.jpgFile:Les Naked.png
File:Les Naked 2.pngFile:Les Outside.jpgFile:Les Pointing.jpg
File:Les Posing.jpgFile:Les Putting Hands Out.jpgFile:Les Scared.jpg
File:Les See Team Sleeping.jpgFile:Les See Thera.jpgFile:Les Sees Genie.jpg
File:Les Setting Furniture.jpgFile:Les Smiling on Screen.jpgFile:Les Speaking 2.jpg
File:Les Stomping Both Feet.jpgFile:Les Stuck in Tree 2.pngFile:Les Stuck on Tree.png
File:Les Unpacking Backpack.jpgFile:Les Using Jetpack.jpgFile:Les Will Scream.jpg
File:Les With Nerd Corps Entertainment Logo.pngFile:Les With Pajamas.jpgFile:Les Without Teeth.png
File:Les and Holley.pngFile:Les and Holley 2.jpgFile:Les and Lars.png
File:Les and Lars 3.jpgFile:Les and Lars 4.jpgFile:Les and Noam 2.jpg
File:Les and Noam 3.jpgFile:Les and Noam 4.jpgFile:Les and Noam 5.jpg
File:Les and Noam 6.jpgFile:Les and Noam 7.jpgFile:Les and Noam Surfing in School.jpg
File:Les and Noam Upside Down.jpgFile:Les and Noam in Cyber Outfits.jpgFile:Les and Thera.png
File:Les and Thera 10.jpgFile:Les and Thera 11.jpgFile:Les and Thera 12.jpg
File:Les and Thera 13.jpgFile:Les and Thera 2.jpgFile:Les and Thera 3.jpg
File:Les and Thera 4.jpgFile:Les and Thera 5.jpgFile:Les and Thera 6.jpg
File:Les and Thera 7.jpgFile:Les and Thera 8.jpgFile:Les and Thera 9.jpg
File:Les and Thera Masked.jpgFile:Les and Twitchy.jpgFile:Les as a Monkey.jpg
File:Les as a Transformer.jpgFile:Les at Movies.jpgFile:Les at Water Park.jpg
File:Les at the Bus Stop.jpgFile:Les at the Farm.jpgFile:Les gets Electricuted.png
File:Les in Acorn Costume.jpgFile:Les in Ballerina Costume.jpgFile:Les in Bed.jpg
File:Les in Bus.jpgFile:Les in Dancing Costume.jpgFile:Les in Garbage 2.jpg
File:Les in Garbage Pile.jpgFile:Les in Gym.jpgFile:Les in Hallway.png
File:Les in Kitchen.jpgFile:Les in Lawn.jpgFile:Les in Messy Room.png
File:Les in Smoke.pngFile:Les in Smoke 2.pngFile:Les in Smoke 3.png
File:Les in Smoke 4.pngFile:Les in Snowsuit.jpgFile:Les in Swim Trunks.jpg
File:Les in Underground Hole.jpgFile:Les in Undies.pngFile:Les in Undies 2.png
File:Les on Bike.jpgFile:Les on Bike 2.jpgFile:Les on Camera.jpg
File:Les on Camera 2.jpgFile:Les on Couch.jpgFile:Les on Couch 2.png
File:Les on ScreenFile:Les on Screen 2.jpgFile:Les on Sports.jpg
File:Les on the Phone.jpgFile:Les with Ants.jpgFile:Les with Elevator Pants.jpg
File:Les with Gang Accept Lars.jpgFile:Les with Garbage.jpgFile:Les with Holley.jpg
File:Les with Lars at Pool.jpgFile:Les with Lunchbox.jpgFile:Les with Personal Soundtrack.jpg
File:Les with Season One.jpgFile:LesterAwesome.jpgFile:Lester Awesome in Go for the Gust-O.jpg
File:Long Time Ago Les and Thera.jpgFile:Max Awesome-0.pngFile:Max Awesome.png
File:Mr-Dullmeister.jpgFile:Mr-Noddenoff.jpgFile:Mr. Dullmeister.jpg
File:Mr. Glickman.pngFile:Mr. Noddenoff.jpgFile:Mrs. Dullmeister.png
File:Mrs. Nitpickler.jpgFile:Muck.pngFile:Noam, Thera &, Lars.jpg
File:Noam 2.pngFile:Noam Drawing on Les.pngFile:Noam Hugging a Crab.jpg
File:Noam Playing the Guitar.jpgFile:Noam and Chet.jpgFile:Noam and Thera.jpg
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File:Past Les & Noam.jpgFile:Photo.jpgFile:Pool.jpg
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File:Screenshot 2017-02-04 at 14.pngFile:Screenshot 2017-02-04 at 16.12.08.pngFile:Screenshot 2017-02-04 at 16.png
File:Snowball.jpgFile:TV ratedaforawesome po.jpgFile:Tabitha St. Sherman.jpg
File:Team Awesome.jpgFile:The Awesome House.jpgFile:The Awesome House.png
File:The Gang Accept Thera.jpgFile:The Grand Plinsky House.pngFile:The Plinsky House-0.png
File:The Plinsky House.pngFile:Thera.pngFile:Thera Walking.jpg
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