Ned Falcon first shows in Awesome RIde, where he is Thera's temporary crush.

Appearance Edit

Ned is tall and has a half-shaven head with the other half covering his eye. His hair is blue with a visible streak of red. He is often seen wearing his skateboard helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads. His helmet matches the color of his hair and comes with sunglasses. On the side, it has a Jolly-Roger design that matches his shirt. He also has blue eyes and wears shorts with sneakers.

Personality Edit

When Ned first makes his appearance, he claims: "Too cool for school!". This may characterize him as a "cool" type of person. He skateboards really well and may be better than Thera, but ultimately loses against her in a competition in Awesome Ride. Les tells him that he "wins everything", which may point to the possiblility that he's practically good at everything.

Thera also describes him as a "hunky hottie". Ned is egotistical, much like Chet, and speaks high of himself. He tells Thera, "You really should take notes when Ned talks". To both Team Awesome and Thera, he is seen as a jerk.

Quotes Edit

"Too cool for school!"
"Ned says 'no'!"