Brainy, brilliant and cool, Noam is a technical genius with both a talent and a knack for making any type of gadget, tool, or device to help the group. He always enjoys himself whether he be making something or just hanging with the group. Sometimes unpredictable but always awesome! He also has a fondness for playing the guitar. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Plinsky, the grandson of Nana and Pops Plinsky, the future stepbrother-in-law of Lester Awesome and Holley Holtey, the future stepson-in-law of Max Awesome and Mrs. Awesome, the future son-in-law of Angelina Kerplopolis and Mr. Kerplopolis, the cousin of Derek Plinsky, and the future step-cousin-in-law of Tyler Awesome.


14, some fans refer to him as a "tall teen" which may mean he is older than Thera. In the original series, he was 12. In the 2nd series, he was 13. He was born on March 17th, 1997.


Noam is the tallest member of the group and has very lightly tanned skin coloring. His theme color is green and he has brushed back dark green hair, green eyes with a pair of dark green glasses worn over them.

  • On the Disney XD website, Noam's image shows him with more/longer hair. But this could simply be the style in which the artist drew him.


For typical wear, Noam wears a green shirt with a symbol on it with dark green lining and sleeves, jeans, and green shoes. In the original series, he wears blue jeans, blue shoes, and an antenna on top of his head.

  • The symbol on Noam's shirt is a Computer Power Button symbol.


He can operate and create just about anything. Ranging from simple modifications to tools or items, to making a whole brand new object from scratch. Even if he disagrees with the idea, or simply believes it won't work it doesn't stop him. He finds the idea fun whether it'll work or not. He also makes sure to always warn someone if there's a possible side affect...usually right before it happens.

Besides technology and inventions, Noam really has a passion for playing both the guitar and the drums. However, he has terrible stage fright and does not like to play in front of others. So he normally plays when he is alone or in secrecy. He also hates being stared at.


Thera KerplopolisEdit

Certain episodes' events give hints of his feelings for her:

  • In "Don't Judge a Mutant by it's Slobber", he started to bite his lip when Thera turned to ice
  • In "Super Story Forest Fun Time" he blushed when Thera hugged him after Scar was put away
  • In "Scary Go Round" he hugs her when she gets her personality back, causing them both to blush
  • in "Thera's Date with Destiny" he keeps secret that he is shown to be Thera's future prom date
  • In Dental Denial though initially grossed by her teeth, when a cute male receptionist draws Thera's attention away from him, he (perhaps jealously) happens to eject her from the waiting room (breaking their line of sight) into the dentist chair
  • In "Awesome Ride" Noam creates a crush-powered guitar that activates when Thera hugs him. This reveals that he has a crush on her.


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